Coconut Palms Inventory and Maintenance Tips

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Field Grown Coconut Palm

Coconut Palms Inventory and Maintenance Tips

We just recently boosted our inventory with some beautiful field grown and 15 gallon container Coconut Palms.

  • 7 Gallon Coconut Palms: 4-5′ Tall – $59
  • 65 Gallon Coconut Palms: 10′ Tall – $350
  • Field Grown Coconut Palms: 18+’ Tall – $950 (SALE – Reg. $1150)

Coconut Palm Maintenance

Coconut palms require fairly little up-keep, however there are some important things to know to keep these palms growing as healthy as possible.

How to Water

After installation, water the Coconut daily for the first 45 days. Thereafter, soak the palm well once or twice per week.

How to Fertilize

To fertilize a Coconut Palm, use palm tree granular; 1-2 lb bags for smaller palms, and 4-5 lb bags for larger palms.

  • Place 2-3 scoops 18″ away from trunk
  • Apply every 2 months from February to December


When trimming the Coconut Palm, trim ONLY brown fronds, or those that are obviously turning brown. Green fronds should NEVER be trimmed off. Green fronds help to keep the palm alive.

  • NEVER allow someone to trim your palms if they have not cleaned their saw with bleach after the last customer. Palm diseases are transmitted rapidly this way.
  • NEVER allow someone to “Hurricane Cut” your palms. This could really damage your palm(s).

Is the Coconut Palm “Cold Hardy?”

No, the Coconut Palm is not durable against the cold. North of tamps Bay in Pinellas County the Coconut Palm can live healthy along the coastal areas; within a mile or so from the beach.

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